Why learn Hindi?
From my 15-years experience teaching Hindi to foreign visitors, I can say learning Hindi is a rewarding experience. If you will spend some time travelling around the North of India, speaking some Hindi will really enhance your stay.

Why learn with Deepankar?
My courses are tailored to the student's needs and timescales. My method is very practical and interactive, focusing on spoken Hindi and functional conversation. While you stay in Varanasi and India, you will have ample opportunity to practise the conversational skills that you will learn in the course. Family stays can also be arranged for students to make the most of their course.
Students feel confident and satisfied with their learning outcome. That is why time and time again, past students have come back to Varanasi and to my lessons.
The lessons are provided in the old city, a very central location near the main ghat and close to many facilities for travellers, such as shops, guesthouses and restaurants.

Why study in Varanasi?
Varanasi is an unquestionable representative of the Indian tradition and culture. Besides being a centre for education and civilization for more than 2,000 years, for Hindus, Varanasi is one of the most important pilgrimage centers. The immersion in the river expiates one’s sins; it is also considered a propitious place to die, since the deceased’s cycle of reincarnations is closed by spreading the cremation ashes in the waters of the holy Ganges.
Varanasi is an explotion of light, colour, sound; many will agree that there is something special about it. Indeed, many foreign visitors come and stay for more than a week. Many come to practise meditation/yoga, to learn how to play classical Indian instruments, Sanskrit and Hindi, or to volunteer with local NGOs. Whatever the reason is for your visit, you will not regret chosing Varanasi as the location for your learning.