There exist different modalities of learning Hindi. The courses I teach are tailored to each particular student or group, taking into account the length of time available, the level required and your needs and interests. I teach both beginners and advanced students. I can also help with translations and with literary Hindi or Bengoli.

My courses mainly emphasize spoken Hindi, making the student confident from the first session to talk in Hindi with local people. Depending on the time covered, a usual syllabus would be as follows:

Two weeks, 2 hours per day
You will learn the very basics of Hindi grammar and vocabulary. The course will focus on the functional Hindi that you use in your day-to-day life in India (eg shopping, eating out, etc). You will be able to make easy conversations with Indians and get by while travelling around the Hindi-speaking parts of India. For this beginner level, you will learn only spoken Hindi, which will be transliterated into the English alphabet for simplicity.

Three weeks to one month, 2 hours per day
In addition to the basics covered in the first two weeks (see above), you will learn some grammar, such as the verb tenses (imperative, present, future, past) and useful structures. We will build up your vocabulary too. You can also learn how to read and write in Devanagari, the Hindi alphabet. This will also help you improve your pronunciation.

Over one month, 2 hours per day
After one month learning Hindi, this course will provide you with step-by-step complicated grammatical structures. This course, like the two before, concentrates on spoken Hindi, and all exercises will be practical and conversational.

Try my lessons and realize how easily you progress day after day!

Lessons available using skype

I have students from as far away as Canada who practice Hindi with me several times a week.  I am offering lessons on Skype because this is an excellent way for people to develop their Hindi language skills before a trip to India, or to improve their skills after returning home.

I would like to teach by skype, the university students form foreign countries, who are learning there Hindi. I can help them in their courses and also they can learn the complicated Hindi grammertical structures etc. by skype.